“Recently lost my purse and needed to get in my home and have locks changed for security. When I explained my situation they promptly sent a technician within 30 minutes time. (That’s unheard of anymore) The technician quickly changed all my locks and helped me review other safety measures. Definitely took the stress out of a high stress situation. Thanks so much to everyone at Buffalo Lock.” – Lynn T., Boulder, CO

Lynn T., Boulder CO

“Your locksmith gave me great service today when I called this morning to ask him to arrange to have the U lock on my son’s bike at U. of C removed. Not only did he have it cut off the day I called (after several companies either could not do the work or they failed to show up once they made an appointment), but they charged a most reasonable fee. I was very pleased with your company & the service you gave me. I would like to submit a positive review at whatever site you would like. Thanks!” – Candace A., Boulder, CO

Candace A., Boulder, CO

“Dear Cindy, I have used Buffalo Lock and Key for decades, and have always been pleased with their professionalism, courtesy and knowledge. Today, JD, one of their technicians, came to a high-end listing of mine to attempt to correct a faulty locking mechanism on a french door. I had previously had 3 contractors, a handyman, and a door specialist look at this door, and all suggested purchasing brand new doors (to the tune of approximately $2000 a door). None was able to get the door to lock correctly. JD fixed the problem, and my seller, buyer, and myself are all thrilled to have the job finally done. I would recommend Buffalo Lock and Key to anyone, without reservations. Thank you, Cindy, and your team.” Sincerely – Carroll M. Boulder, CO

Carroll M. Boulder CO